Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Gemstone Deposits Discovered

Look for light-gray cobbles and boulders sitting along the side of the dirt roads. Many contain a thin reaction rims coating the opals within. In addition to the common white to black opals, look for orange to red Mexican opals, very rare 'fire' opals (might be more likely to find fire opals at depth, but be careful about digging holes, the BLM does not like the public digging on their own public land.) The area also has a variety of agates including the popular, dendritic, Sweetwater agate. 

WYOMING - the Gemstone State?
Many previously unreported gemstone deposits were recently discovered in Wyoming from about 1975 to 2007, and one person, the GemHunter (aka Dan Hausel) occupied 3 decades of that time and found dozens and dozens of gemstones deposits that were previously unreported. Then, after writing a gemstone book for rockhounds and prospectors, some of those who read books by the Gemhunter, found additional gemstone deposits and continue to find them every year.

For three decades, the GemHunter made dozens of discoveries in a state that was thought to be poorly mineralized. But today, Wyoming sits at the top of all states for variety and diversity in gemstone minerals. So, why did it take so long for someone to find gemstones in Wyoming - guess nobody ever bothered to look.

The geology of Wyoming is favorable for more gemstone, diamond and gold discoveries. And prior to leaving Wyoming, the GemHunter identified hundreds of mineral anomalies, made many discoveries including the discovery of the largest iolite gemstones on earth (some the size of smart cars), and a whole new gold district, along with other discoveries.

The GemHunter, aka Dan Hausel, brought international recognition to Wyoming before leaving the cowboy state. He reports he was on the trail of several other ruby, sapphire, iolite, diamond and gold discoveries in Wyoming but decided to hang up his hat after the Wyoming Geological Survey was decimated by the agency's director, resulting and 50% of the Survey staff retiring, resigning, transferring or just expiring. Yes, three staff members left in pine boxes and didn't have the opportunity to resign.

And why was there never any investigation? Could it have been politics and greed. Naw, just because the democratic party took control in Wyoming for the first time in decades doesn't mean they had any thing to do with the distruction of so many people's lives and careers. But, for such a small staff to lose nearly 14% to death, with 27% developing heart conditions during this period, you think someone would have investigated.

Well, back to opals. Are there other opal deposits in Wyoming? Very likely. The geology is extremely favorable as the state has been buried in silicic volcanic ash numerous times during the Tertiary. And these types of layered ashes, are perfect sources for opal. So, yes, there is a lot of opal out there ready to be discovered.

Beautiful natural Cedar Rim rough opal breccia ('wyoming fire opal'). This would likely polish up very nicely.
More 'mexican fire opal' which we call the Wyoming opal. This specimen
is known as the 'illegal alien fire opal'
Black opal from Cedar Rim
Blue opal in black opal matrix.
Spectacular 'honey' opal breccia from Cedar Rim, Wyoming
Blue opal from Cedar Rim
Precious opal in common white opal, Cedar Rim.
Glitter opal
light blue opal, Wyoming

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