Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Gemstone Deposits Discovered

Yes, there is extraordinary precious opal in New Mexico! So incredibly beautiful, it is a one of a kind (or is it?).

Several previously unreported gemstone deposits were also discovered Colorado, North Carolina and Wyoming after rockhounds and prospectors read books by the Gemhunter.

In other interesting news, a very expensive pink diamond sold for more than a $million/carat, a sapphire sold for a record price. Are there pink diamonds in Colorado, North Carolina, Wyoming - or for that matter of fact - in Arkansas?  Are there any sapphires in the US?
The GemHunter with foot on boulder filled with gem-quality kyanite adjacent
to iolite-ruby deposits in Wyoming. After finding dozens of gem deposits, the
GemHunter made the cover of the ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal.
How many new mineral discoveries have been made in Wyoming since the GemHunter packed up his boots and left the state in 2006? For three decades, we made dozens of discoveries in a state that was thought to be poorly mineralized. But today, Wyoming sits at the top of all states for variety and diversity in gemstone minerals.

At one time, there was talk at the Wyoming Geological Association in Casper to set up a special chair at Casper College independently financed by local oilmen for a position for mineral research that would have been independent of state politics, like that seen at the Wyoming Geological Survey that resulted in nearly 50% of the staff and appointed advisory board resigning, retiring, transferring and even dying in office apparently related to politics. Such a mineral chair would have been independent of politics and allowed for research - and likely would have led to discovery of many more diamond, ruby, sapphire iolite and other gemstone deposits in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming - the geology is favorable and the GemHunter identified hundreds of anomalies and brought international recognition to Wyoming before hanging up his boots.

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